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Omens - Album Vinyl

Omens - Album Vinyl

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Omens is our 2nd Album - or better said, our 2nd child.  The songs are collections of moments from various travels and places, including Gran Canaria, Israel and Berlin. The Title refers to the symbolism and signs we can observe in the world around us when we are looking for the way.

All songs composed and performed by KAYAM©

Vocals, Guitars, Production, Percussion and Hummus
Mike Rauss

Vocals, Harp, Production and Tea
Kim Rauss

Manou Bouillon

Mastering (Tracks 1-10)
Zino Mikorey

Kim Rauss

Mark Ladage

Lira (ancient Instrument from Greece / Turkey) on “Atlas”
Boaz Galili

Viola on “Bloom”
Dina Lurié (Our Mama!)

Thank Glob we made it through, and that we can share this journey with the world. May this Album bring sparkles into your life.

The Omens are all around :)

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Kim & Mike